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Success Stories

"I had been teaching myself guitar chords and trying to write songs for about a year before I realized I wasn’t improving. Now, a little over a year later, my guitar and songwriting has improved by leaps and bounds. I’m playing at open mics and have an upcoming gig! Robb seems to know exactly what I need to work on and his input is real and personal."


Performing Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter 

(Dental Hygienist) and Mother of Four)

“Studying with Robb is so much more than learning guitar. He guided me through learning musicality, music performance, theory and how to just plain sound good! I take the things I learned from him with me every time I step on stage.— even almost two decades later.”


Gavin Caswell

Professional International Recording and Performing Musician;

Lead Guitarist for the band Senses Fail

"I had little confidence in my singing abilities and little understanding of music. With Robb's guidance, I ended up writing my own songs, recording an album and playing my music in a battle of the bands at the Gothic Theatre in Denver. I now have more faith in myself AND a new skillset!"


Carly Taylor

Performing , Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist (High School Student)

"Robb has helped me develop my skill to a level I could not have ever imagined. I have gone from simple strumming and picking rhythms to understanding music theory and improvising in LESS THAN ONE YEAR! He is an incredibly talented and friendly teacher. Over the last summer I completed a one week intensive session with Robb. The experience was incredible and consisted of six hours of lessons over the week. I highly recommend Robb and his extremely in-depth and well developed method." 

Alex Duarte

Guitar and Vocals for the band The Weekday Saints

and Founder of The Jam Society at CU, Boulder (College Student)



“When I began lessons with Robb I was shy and timid as a musician. I had no idea what I wanted or how to get started. I constantly heard the music of my heroes in my head and craved the ability to make music like them. But I felt overwhelmed, confused and intimidated by the guitar and the countless different approaches to learning it. 

With Robb’s encouragement, I learned to establish goals and understand my musical desires. Within only a few short months, I became less afraid of making mistakes and more comfortable expressing myself through music. 

Since then, my confidence has soared while studying with Robb – both as a guitar player and a human being. I can now create my own compositions using the same techniques and strategies as my heroes. Music has become a large part of who I am as a person, and Robb has played a pivotal role in helping me find my musical voice.”

Sam Ewing 

Instrumentalist, Guitar Collector and Business Marketing Graduate

“Three years ago I had little confidence and knew only cover songs with basic strumming. I’ve now written over thirty songs and am on my way to having two albums recorded with more advanced  techniques.

It’s given me a confidence I never knew.” 

Jim Stearns 

Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist 

(Retired Attorney and Father)

"Robb has turned me into the guitarist I've always wanted to be and more! In my 7 1/2 years of training with Robb I've gone from a complete beginner to comfortably busting out shred melodies at 190+ beats per minute thanks to him! He is a great teacher and an even better friend. I have played and sat down with some very amazing musicians; but I have yet to encounter a person with teaching capabilities any where near Robb. Something about the way he teaches just plain works! 

I'm an extreme metal head, the faster, heavier, shreddier the better. Though Robb has some background in this style, it's not the type of music he composes or plays regularly. I have friends, very dedicated players, that have been playing for 11+ years. I haven't been playing nearly THAT long, but they ask me how I improvise and solo so well. It’s simple, Robb is the real deal for all styles and needs.

Rock On!”


Jared Keefer 

Professional International Recording/Performing Musician and Guitar Teacher;

Guitarist, Lead Vocals and Songwriter for the band Hereticide;

Lead Vocals and Songwriter for the band Despotic (Age 10 - 18)

"Learning guitar from Robert has taken me to the level I always dreamed of. I am  free on the neck and really letting my soul shine by knowing where I am at any time. I highly recommend studying guitar with Robb."


Thomas Dow

Guitar Teacher and Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter for The Magnolia River Band

"I have been learning and playing guitar for almost 8 years. When I started lessons with Robb several months ago he quickly identified effective and well thought out ways to address the areas in which I wanted to improve, bringing a clearly thought out methodology and curriculum, while also being extremely receptive to what worked and didn't work for me. Beyond traditional playing instruction, Robb offered a lot of perspective as a producer, providing advice I found very insightful in terms of how to structure songs, phrases, and how to record and develop interesting  compositions. He's also a lot of fun to hang out with."


Jackson Beall

Performing Musician and Web Designer


"I’ve been playing for about six months wanting to improvise, jam and compose. I was teaching myself online but I wasn’t progressing because I didn’t know the logical next steps and was repeating the same things. With no direction, I started getting bored and couldn’t link all the fragmented things I was learning into a cohesive whole.

After signing up for an 18-hour intensive over three weeks with Robb, I got what I needed—to see the big picture each step of the way and how things link together. The sequence of the lessons feels so natural that learning feels more like I know this stuff innately and the lessons are just bringing the knowledge out. 

I’m now more expressive with my playing and feeling very inspired and motivated to keep going. I know with full confidence that “yes, indeed, I can do this" and eventually do this well enough to write and create my own music"



Graphic Designer

"For those who may actually have a serious calling to be an artist, Robb is an exceptional guide. So much of achievement and substance in life and art comes from understanding and cooperating with the process. One’s fears and limiting beliefs are revealed when they venture to grow and to express from that growth. It takes a special teacher to be able to understand and share what “working on one's dream” looks and feels like.

Robb Boswell is one of those special individuals who has the ability to both help others discover their potential, and to help them learn how to navigate towards that potential for the long haul. He is both a role model parents want for their youth and an exceptional, brilliant, guitarist, musician, and songwriter. He has much to offer students of the art in the areas of technique, performance, composition, ear training, reading, etc., all the varied, infinite tasks that make up the work of music.

Robb is one of the best teachers I have ever met.  His teaching goes beyond being prepared; he is organized, systematic, and pedagogically sensible. He is conscious of each individual and searches for the process that works best for them.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Robb both professionally and personally. I highly recommend him."


Rob Whitesides Woo

Lighthouse Productions

Recording artist, composer, producer and teacher

"Robb's ear is one we can trust. Our band improved greatly in the short time he coached us. We even practice differently."


The Silent Treatment

L.A. Rock Band

"I’m retired and in my late 60s. I have been taking weekly lessons for a year, and couldn’t be more pleased. Ive worked on about 40 different folk and soft-rock songs and learned a couple dozen chords. I can play many different strum patterns and have started to fingerpick.  I’m having a fantastic time! Each lesson involves both technical exercises and learning new songs to put the technical skills into practice. Robb has an excellent teaching style (I was a teacher myself, so I can appreciate it).  He is a phenomenal guitarist.  And he is a genuinely nice person who I enjoy working with."


Peter Spear

Retired Dean of Neuroscience at Colorado University at Boulder

"Robb has the method to make you a much better player. He is able to make complicated things simple. In other words, he is a great teacher! This is not just your average lesson series. This is a method to master the guitar fingerboard.  If you want to unleash your soloing potential, Robb is your man!”


Steven Craig

Attorney, Business owner and father of two



"I can't count the number of times I've thought, "There HAS to be an easier way to learn this!"  Well, as it turns out, there ARE easier ways and Robb seems to know all of them!  I've practiced under many guitar teachers, went the DIY route, watched Youtube videos, etc, etc...  Robb has intuitive ways of explaining and demonstrating fundamentals, concepts, and techniques that helped improve my guitar playing on all levels.  He is very responsive to my needs and is always checking to see if my lessons are helping achieve MY guitar goals.  He's truly both a gifted guitar player and teacher.  Highly recommended."


Chris Bear

Woodworker, Guitar Builder and Family man



"I had been playing for over 25 years, most of that without much improvement. Then I found Robb. I can't believe how much my playing has improved with the last year of lessons!  One of the key things that sets Robb apart from other music teachers is how much effort he has put into developing his own materials for the lessons. They are great and Robb is the best music teacher I have ever had. Take lessons from Robb -- you will not be disappointed!"


Erik Johnson

International Business Owner


"As someone who has played the guitar for almost 40 years, and studied with Robb for the last three, I can say with absolute honesty that his teaching methods and style have had a profound effect on my knowledge of the instrument, and the improvement of my playing. Robb's greatest skill, without a doubt, is his ability to teach others. It's a special talent for someone to be as prepared, organized and committed to teaching as he is. The fact that many of his students have studied with him for years affirms that he is someone who has a deep well of knowledge, and who knows how to deliver it in ways that continue, over time, to bring out the best in each of his students, no matter how old, or what level they are. I couldn't give a higher endorsement for Robb Boswell. Anyone, from advanced to beginner, will benefit greatly from his tutelage and encouraging attitude."


Chris Evans

Multi-instrumentalist and Writer

Robb provides both a very academic (and disciplined) perspective on guitar techniques while also maintaining a very friendly and music loving personality in every lesson. I started taking lessons with him from when I first picked up my first guitar about 3 years ago and he has not only taught me how to play a lot of the songs I've wanted to learn, but has also given me the tools to learn more and more complicated pieces on my own.


David Lui

Mechanical Engineering College Student



"10 years ago I found Rob and have been working with him on and off over the years ever since.  Robb is without a doubt the best guitar teacher I have had, and there have been many.  Robb's enthusiasm for what he does, his knowledge of musically theory, and his ability to teach all types of music/playing styles has made him a fantastic resource for improving my guitar playing."


Roy Krughoff


"I have been working with Robb for the past few months, and my playing/understanding of theory has expanded by huge increments. Robb has a way of taking very complex structures and theories, and making them approachable, comprehensible, and masterable. If you are at all interested in becoming a more well-rounded player, Robb is the teacher for you."


Seth Brown

Web Developer



"After many years debating whether or not I should take guitar lessons, I decided to sign up with Robb, a year and a half ago. I now looking forward to my once a week time with Robb! His method is quite good, and he is a really great teacher who really knows how to guide you. It's been great! On top of being a great music teacher, Robb is also an outstanding human being, which makes the experience even better. I am so glad he was recommended to me!"


Nicholas Bayou




"Robb is an excellent teacher, he not only knows what he is talking about but also communicates it well to his students. His knowledge of guitar ranges through every genre and ability level. Every lesson is fun and insightful. I now have the tools to really understand guitar as well as a passion for the instrument." 


Grey O’Neil

High School student



"I'm was a novice guitar player, and was gifted four sessions with Robb in August 2014.  After finishing those, I was so impressed by Robb's teaching ability that I decided to pay to continue my lessons with him for an additional four months, meeting once a week. 

Robb is a very patient and intuitive instructor.  He makes an effort to get to know his students and understand their individual needs.  He takes it slow when he needs to, but isn't afraid to move quickly through concepts that the student feels comfortable with.  Robb has had many years of experience playing guitar, and it shows in his expertise & enthusiasm. I've learned so much in the five months. I now feel confident to teach myself nearly any song — just by reading the sheet music. If you're in the Boulder area and want to learn to play guitar, you won't find anyone better than Robb!"


Tom Kelly



"After years of tying to "teach" myself guitar, I finally decided to get lessons.  After researching local instructors, I chose Robb.  He is a very patient, experienced instructor who provides an organized, systematic approach to teaching guitar. He has provided practical methods that have opened up the entire instrument that I will be able to use at any skill level I eventually attain. All areas of my playing skills have been greatly improved in just a few months working with Robb. I now have a good mix of skill improvement techniques such as picking drills and  practical lead guitar techniques so I can "drop-in" to jam sessions with my friends."   


Joe Keating




"Robb is a great guitar teacher. He is an expert with music theory, and also an excellent player, in many styles. If you aren't sure what you want to study, he'll provide a curriculum, much of which he's developed himself. If you want to take things in a different direction he'll accommodate that and still provide a strong framework and a clear path for you. I've been studying with Robb for 1.5 years and I've been extremely happy with the progress I've made in that time."


Andy Pai



"After many years of intending to learn to play the guitar, a year ago I was referred to Robb by a friend.  I have thoroughly enjoyed Robb's teaching style and his approach to learning. He is patient and encouraging, while also challenging me.  I very much enjoy practicing and playing and look forward to each week's lesson.  I highly recommend Robb."


Larry Dennis

Retired Businessman



"I have been wanting to learn how to play guitar for a couple of years now and, as a gift, was given two lessons from Robb. I started lessons in June 2015, coming in with absolutely no musical experience. In that short time, I have learned so much from Robb, I will continue lessons with him into the foreseeable future. Robb is a fantastic teacher no matter your skill level and he has a way of making things very simple to understand. Not only is he a great teacher, but he truly cares about all his students well being. I have really enjoyed my time with Robb thus far and I look forward to continuing learning from him."


Daniel Harshman

Business Professional



"I am an adult beginner guitar player and I had taken lessons with another instructor prior to Robb.  I have to say that in the past 7 months that Robb has been guiding me on my musical journey, I have learned more about not only how to play songs but I have a much better understanding of the language of music. Robb has been a "game changer" for me and for that I encourage you to work with him.  Thank you Robb for your guidance and support."


Mitch Friedman

Realestate Mortgage Broker



"I started lessons with Robb with no guitar experience, just voice lessons and choir several years ago. He took that and has taught me so much about music and how to make myself a better guitar player! Robb is an amazing teacher who caters to every skill level to help you improve at a fast rate. He challenges you, but only to the level that you want to be challenged. I would recommend him to everyone and anyone who has any interest in picking up a guitar for the first time or to someone who already considers themselves advanced and want to pick up some awesome new skills!" 


Maclean Freund

High School  Student



"Robb creates an extremely friendly atmosphere in the lessons I had with him. I wasn't ever afraid to ask questions about anything I didn't completely understand. I loved his countless metaphors to help me understand how to improve. I now have a passion for music and the guitar, and Robb may be to thank for that. He rocks, take lessons from him. Period.”


Alex Hawley

From age 13 -15



"I’ve been taking lessons with Robb for over a year and I can’t say enough with how happy I’ve been. Besides being a great guy whom you feel comfortable with from day one, Robb possesses the rare ability found in only the best of instructors: he seeks out and leverages each student individual passion for music to foster accelerated, quality learning. Robb has structured my learning by using many of my favorite songs, which has made the development process exceptionally rewarding, and which leaves me hungry to learn more. I highly recommend Robb as a guitar instructor, and I’m looking forward to progressing further under his guidance." 


James Hathorn

Business Law Student



"A devoted teacher, Robb has the versatility to play almost any style and the ability to show even advanced students new tricks. From my first lesson, he maximized each hour with an easy going demeanor. Robb is one of the most honest and competent people you will ever meet. One of the things I value most about having him as a teacher is the friendship we have developed over the years."



From age 18 - 20



"Robb understands and addresses individual student needs.  He has put careful thought and time into his own workbooks that he has created.  His depth and breadth of guitar knowledge makes him a successful guitar teacher for all.  As a beginning guitar player, I advanced quicker that I had anticipated.  I would recommend Robb without reservation to any guitar player of any level."  


Khemarin Seng

Medical Technician



"II am a slow mover when it comes to practicing the practical and Robb has really stuck with me encouraging me to dedicate time to learning the foundations, while also adding lots of fun songs to practice into the mix. I'm amazed by his ability to move me along in the foundations in such a fun way! It's a gift to be around his musical talent. He is also one of the kindness people I have met, and I equally enjoy getting to spend time with him whether laughing and crying. If you get the chance to work with Robb, hop on it!" 


Chloe Barrett-Page

College Student



    “I really enjoyed how Robb would incorporate your favorite kind of music into the lesson and dissect how the guitarist is playing in the songs. He gave much more insight into the music than just how to play the song, but how to incorporate your own style into the song. His passion for music and the guitar really come through in the lessons. I looked forward to my lesson every week.”


Jon Miller




"I took lessons with Rob from when I was 14 to 18 years old. He was really supportive to me as a young aspiring musician and his lessons were fun and inspiring. What I learned in his classes really molded my musical perspective and I continue to apply what he has taught me every time I play guitar. I couldn't recommend him enough."


Brian Cooke

From age 14 - 18



"I have been taking guitar lessons from Robb for several years. My work and family obligations leave me with limited time to practice; however, working with Robb I have been able to improve my guitar playing significantly. He is very knowledgeable, makes the classes interesting, and has enthusiastically supported my specific goals in guitar playing. I think he is an excellent guitar teacher."


Jose Angel

Medical Doctor



    "Robb is easy to work with, a good communicator, patient and works at a comfortable speed based on the student’s ability and time frame to practice. I have grown to love my lesson time."


Larry  T.

Businessman and Family Man 



"I started taking lessons from Robb in June, so I'm just at the 10-month mark. He has been instrumental (if you will) in helping fulfill a desire of mine for 25 years - to learn to play acoustic guitar. Starting from scratch on guitar is difficult, but Robb makes it accessible, sometimes even easy. He knows where I'm going to have trouble, and also that some of the problems I have are just a matter of not having the experience. He is very patient with me, and I am probably a very annoying, impatient student. I really enjoy learning to play country music, which Robb doesn't know much about. Nonetheless, he has helped me learn these songs just like the popular version, and also to customize the songs where it fits. I've learned all manner of techniques that keep fitting in as I improve as a player. I didn't appreciate how good Robb is until I talked to some other people who have tried to pick up the guitar. I told them lessons really help, and many of them DID take lessons. So I got reminded that just any old teacher won't do, not for something like music. Robb is an expert at music, and also very, very good as a teacher."


Dan Page

Senior Data Warehouse Architect




        "I have never felt more confident on Bass than I do now. I started with Robb in 1996 and was a student of his for a year.  I stopped taking lessons due to a lack of time. When I started playing again, I didn’t think twice about having Robb as a teacher. He encourages me to work hard and challenges me each week. He left me motivated, determined and confident after each lesson and I always looked forward to our next. When he teaches me it makes sense. He explains well and always relates his instruction to what is going on with my playing. Robb never fails to amaze me."


Steven A.

Bass player for The Silent Treatment



    "Thank you so much for being such an awesome guitar teacher. I enjoyed your great sense of humor, positive attitude towards everything and just what a friendly guy you are. I will never forget how well you taught me. You have inspired me so much. I love playing guitar more than ever."



From age 13 - 15



     "Robb is fun to play with and I’m always learning. He teaches me what I want to learn. He is helpful, patient, funny and teaches me at my own pace."


Brian B.

Age 14



      "Robb doesn’t just play guitar with you, he makes sure you learn it. He has a kind approach, not strict, and makes you want to learn."


Brian R.

From age 13-15


      "You are my favorite guitarist. There is no one better in my mind (besides me of course! :-)  It has been a great four years. Learning guitar is honestly the best thing that ever happened to me."



From age 14-18



What parents have to say about Robb’s teaching


        "Robb has a knack for evoking the musician in a student (without beating it out of them which has been my experience with other music teachers). He is kind, encouraging and has a gift for making my sons feel special and able.  His teaching style promotes a sense of self-confidence in their natural abilities.  The real "hook," in my experience with Robb is that the student begins playing music almost immediately, allowing him to choose the music he wants to play from the get-go.  Robb’s love of music is so evident that those around him can't help but feel it as well."   


Andrea Yoka

Parent of  Alex, age 12 and Matt, age 14



"Dedicated and gifted teacher. My teenage son has taken lessons with Robb for two years now. When my son had his first live band performance, Robb came by to show his support and enthusiasm. He has made learning guitar so much fun for my son"


Diane Grushan

Mother of Adam



"An exceptionally knowledgeable and motivational teacher. As others have said -- he REALLY does meet the student exactly where they are, guiding them and encouraging them throughout the whole guitar learning process, til they have their own "wings to fly" with it. My 16-year-old son, Connor, started with Robb when he was barely 10 years old, and now is writing his own music and playing lead guitar with his friends in a band. My 21-year-old daughter had only about 2 years of guitar with him a few years back, when she decided to drop the flute in high school and take guitar instead. She now plays exceptionally well, finger-picking style, and plays with others and learns all sorts of songs on her own quickly and beautifully. Both my children LOVED learning guitar from Robb, and were always encouraged and guided to excel."


Cathy Kerry

Mother of Connor and Megan



"Robb has been teaching our daughter for the last 4 years. He is always prompt and full of new ideas and insights about the music our daughter likes to play. His enthusiasm and ability to bring out the joy of the guitar has brought an immense amount of pleasure to her life. She now has a fairly large repertoire of contemporary and classic rock tunes she enjoys playing.  We highly recommend Robb as a teacher and are sure you will enjoy his talents as  much as we have"


Randy and Carole

Parents of  Annelise, age 14-17



    "Thank you Robb for instilling in Bentley a love of the guitar. You are a great instructor and wonderful role model."


Brooke and Gary

Parents of Bentley, age 15



"Robb has been a patient and fun teacher for my 14-year-old. He's worked hard to find songs that my son is excited about and a pace of learning that works for both of them. It's been such a positive and fulfilling experience. We'd strongly recommend Robb to anyone of any age!"


Tracy Travis

Parent of Liam, age 14



       "Robb has been a great teacher for our daughter. Being a guitar player myself I have a good idea of what it takes to keep a student motivated and interested. Robb combines patience, kindness and musical skill. A good recipe for a happy, motivated student. I highly recommend him."



Parent of Pinky, age 13-15



        "Robb Boswell is a wonderful teacher. He has taught Brian for two years and it has been a great experience. He is very kind and patient as well as extremely talented and knowledgeable and has a true gift for teaching. It has been a pleasure having him teach in our home."



Parent of Brian R. age 13-15

        "A school friend recommended Robb to us as a prospective music teacher. Dominic can read and write music, plays violin and clarinet in orchestras and bands both at school and for personal enjoyment. Dominic LOVES to play the guitar. Therefore, it was really important to find just the right teacher so Dominic would continue to grow as a musician. We found that teacher in Robb Boswell. He was a teacher who could relate to Dominic as a person, had objectives for Dominic to achieve in music and offered a recital where he could perform before a live audience. This gave him the opportunity to perfect a piece of music for weeks before hand. Here was a teacher who encouraged our son’s love for the guitar." 

Under Robb’s tutelage, I saw Dominic grow as a musician and his confidence in his musical abilities blossom. Thank you Robb."



Educator and Parent of Dominic, age 14-16

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