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Advanced Guitar Lessons to Help You

Play with Excellence

Up-level Your Musicianship • Optimize Your Practice • Play with Confidence




Are You Struggling to Reach Your Potential?

Have you reached another plateau?

Is your music missing that certain magic?

Do you wonder how to create music like your favorite artists?

Do you feel limited by a lack of music theory and how to apply it?

Would you like to use your practice time more effectively?

Do you crave to sound as good as your heroes?

Simple solutions are available.

You don't have to find them alone.

Advanced Guitar Lessons in a Variety of Styles

Live Online and in Boulder, Colorado

Guitar Strumming


  • Up-level your "ears" because you're music is only as good as your hearing

  • Unlock your instrument with applied guitar-music theory 

  • Develop your unique voice through composition, songwriting and improvisation

fretboard and fingers.jpg


  • Set manageable goals 

  • Organize your practice time for optimum results

  • Master accelerated learning and practicing techniques

  • Know how to find and utilize the best sheet music

  • Teach yourself to play advanced music using my time-saving sight-reading method and your ears

Soloist 3.jpg


  • Take out the guess work

  • Fill in the blanks that are holding you back

  • Learn to "let go" so your"Genius" can take over

  • Master the subtle skills that will make your music sing, move you and your listeners 

  • Enjoy the camaraderie and respect of good musicians and music lovers

Are you ready to take a quantum leap in your guitar playing?  Talk to me about a private intensive.


“Studying with Robb is so much more than learning guitar. He guided me through learning musicality, music performance, theory and how to just plain sound good! I take the things I learned from him with me every time I step on stage — even almost two decades later.”


Gavin Caswell

Professional International Recording and Performing Musician;

Lead Guitarist for the band Senses Fail


"I have been learning and playing guitar for almost 8 years. When I started lessons with Robb several months ago he quickly identified effective and well thought out ways to address the areas in which I wanted to improve. He brought a clearly thought out methodology and curriculum, while also being extremely receptive to the direction I wanted to go in. Beyond traditional playing instruction, Robb offered a lot of perspective as a producer, providing advice I found very insightful in terms of how to structure songs, phrases, and how to record and develop interesting compositions. He's also a lot of fun to hang out with."


Jackson Beall

Performing Musician and Web Designer


"I've played guitar for almost 40 years. Studying with Robb for the last three has had a profound effect on my knowledge of the instrument and the improvement of my playing. His greatest skill, without a doubt, is his ability to teach others. It's a special talent for someone to be as prepared, organized and committed to teaching as he is. His deep well of knowledge and delivery brings out the best in each of his students, no matter how old, or what level they are. I couldn't give a higher endorsement for Robb Boswell."


Chris Evans

Multi-instrumentalist and Writer

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