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Guitar Teacher

I'll Help You Master the Right Fundamentals and

Make Your Own Music

Let's take the guesswork out of the guitar so you can discover and express your unique voice freely.

 With my signature methods, you can master the right fundamentals enough so you can write songs, improvise, record, perform and even publish your own music, with confidence. How can I serve you?

Over 1,000 Guitar Players Served Since 1989

From Beginners to World Class Professionals

Private Lessons for Teens and Adults

Free Talks, Workshops and 6-Week Group Classes

Live Online and in Boulder, Colorado

Guitar Teacher In Boulder CO

Would You Like to

Play guitar and make music like your favorites artists

Play, jam and improvise with fellow musicians

Develop your original ideas into complete songs

Record your music so you can enjoy and share it now and in years to come

You don't have to do it alone.

Songwriting Guitar Lessons

Master the Right Fundamentals

Enjoy My Original Music

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Meet Robb
Robert James Boswell
Robert James Boswell
Robert James Boswell

Since 1989, Master Guitar Teacher and Recording Artist Robert James Boswell has spent over 20,000 hours teaching and mentoring over 1,000 guitar oriented music artists of all ages—from beginners to pros—in a variety of styles. Since graduating the Musician’s Institute in 1989, Robb has also worked as a producer, band coach, session and performing guitarist, singer, band leader, songwriter, composer and recording engineer.


He will help you discover a new confidence in yourself, bring your ideas into form and shape your music into a playground. 

Guitar Hero
Educational and Professional History
From Awkward Troubled Youth to
Confident Guitar Hero to
Mentor of Guitar Heroes

May, 1982, Venice Beach, California. A skinny and pimply 15 year old Robb turns to learning to play acoustic and electric guitar as a positive way to channel his creative energy. It transforms his life. Captivated by the epic sounds of Classic Rock, Progressive Rock and Heavy Metal, he progresses rapidly through private instruction, trading licks with friends and continuous practice.


From the beginning, Robb is drawn to creating his own music. While learning the songs of his heroes he begins making up riffs and composing original songs. A year and a half later, on his 17th birthday, he performs for an audience of 200 as the lead-rhythm guitarist, songwriter of his band, Destiny.


Robb’s passion for teaching and simplifying what appears complex shows itself early. In his High School Music Theory class, in order to better understand the subject matter, he creates charts and study aids for himself and his classmates. Seeing this, his teacher enlists him to assist in teaching the class.


At this same time, Robb begins studying classical guitar with Robert Vaught, the one time teacher of legendary rock guitarist for Ozzy Ozbourne, Randy Rhoads. Years later, Robb will come to both teach and perform classical guitar professionally. But that doesn't make him immune to the soulful bluesy sounds and virtuosity of Stevie Ray Vaughn. So while studying Bach, Chopin and Fernando Sor, he also dives into the sound of Austin blues, jazzy blues and light jazz.


In 1988, Robb enrolls at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California (Aka MI or GIT). There he learns from all the talented and humble teachers and players what it means to be "good." He practices 10 hours a day and excels in his studies.


Five months later he begins working as a private guitar instructor teaching guitar, bass and theory to all ages and levels in a wide variety of styles — including pop, rock, classical, blues, heavy metal, funk, folk and more.


After graduating in 1989, Robb goes on to form two original progressive rock groups, Phoenix Risen and later, Imagine Nation, as the chief songwriter, lead-rhythm guitarist and back-up vocalist.


In 1993, his music production apprenticeship begins with recording artist and producer-composer Rob Whitesides-Woo. Over the next nine years Robb learns both the basic and finer points of music production, engineering, songwriting, arranging and performing while also studying classical, world and new age music composition.


It is during this time he begins working more often as a session guitarist, producer, artist developer, music director, and band coach, using his newfound skills to help his students turn their music into magic.


In 1994, Robb beings studying voice and learns how to sing with vocal power with Elizabeth Sabine, renowned Power Vocal Coach to the singers of rock bands such as Giant, Guns-N-Roses, Megadeath, 38 Special, Stryper, and many others. 


He begins performing as a singer-guitarist-songwriter in coffee houses, singing his original songs while accompanying himself on acoustic guitar and guitar synthesizer.


Between 1995 and 2010, Robb produces six music recitals for his students, families and their communities where his students perform original and popular music such as Stairway to Heaven and Hotel California.


A number of his students grow from beginners into professional musicians, going on to create, record, perform and publish their own music nationally and internationally.


In 2002, Robb moves from the LA area to Boulder, Colorado to live a more simple life and be closer to nature.

In 2008 he releases two original self-produced instrumental CDs, Dreams from the Cave and Walking Free, as well as a third spontaneous collaboration with Boulder guitarist, Michael Krow, Right Now: Acoustic Duet Improvisations.


Since then Robb has written 10 guitar instruction manuals, over 150 lessons plans and created a YouTube channel to support his students and method for learning guitar fundamentals, songwriting, improvisation and professional artist development.

Today, Robb continues to collaborate with musicians while teaching guitar and mentoring musical artists in Boulder, Colorado and, thanks to the internet, around the world.

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