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The Intensive Guitar Lesson Series

to Help You

Breakthrough to Your Next Level Faster

Clarify Your Priorities • Dive in Deep • Make a Quantum Leap






Are You Struggling with an Area of Your Music?

Do you need to revamp how you learn and practice guitar?

Are you struggling to finish your original songs?

Are your fundamentals in need of some concentrated attention?

Are you limited by your improvisation skills?

Are you wrestling with trying to prepare a set of songs to perform?

Do you feel confused or overwhelmed with how to record or publish your music?

Simple solutions are available.

You don't have to find them alone.

Intensive Guitar Lesson Series

Live Online and in Boulder, Colorado



  • Get clear on what you want most,  from your music and guitar playing

  • Discover the key elements needed to make this happen

  • Gain a doable plan of action for achieving this

  • Learn to practice effectively to get the results you want



  • Dive into a specific area, like fundamentals, songwriting, improvisation, modes or recording

  • Learn a style in greater depth, like Blues, Classical or Classic Rock solos

  • Study one of your favorite artist's style, songs, riffs and technique

  • Polish a set of songs to perform and wake the powerhouse within you



  • Meet your goals in days and weeks rather than months or years 

  • Change your beliefs in what's possible

  • Enjoy the impact this has on your future as a guitarist and musician

What happens in an Intensive Guitar Series?

An intensive can be anything from a two-hour lesson to a series of two-hour lessons where the focus is on one or more specific areas. These areas can include songwriting, composition, improvisation, recording, publishing, performing, styles, fundamentals and professional artist development.

For example, though my student Dylan had not yet been playing a year, he was dedicated and practiced regularly. Wanting to make a huge leap in his music, he signed up for an intensive series taking a two hour lesson, every day, Monday through Friday for two weeks. Each day we spent the first hour on intermediate rhythm guitar and the second hour on improvisation. Within the next couple of months, Dylan could teach himself to play the majority of the songs he wanted to learn on his own and therefore spent his regular lesson time studying more advanced guitar and improvisation. Within the year he went on to creating his own songs, playing in an original band and expressing himself freely in most major and minor keys through improvisation and composition.

How would your intensive, look? What areas of your music and guitar playing would you like to dive into? Schedule a free consultation and we'll discover the answers together.

"Robb is one of the best teachers I have ever met.  His teaching goes beyond being prepared... He is conscious of each individual and searches for the process that works best for them."


Rob Whitesides Woo

Lighthouse Productions

Recording artist, composer, producer and teacher


"I had little confidence in my singing abilities and little understanding of music. With Robb's guidance, I ended up writing my own songs, recording an album and playing my music in a battle of the bands at the Gothic Theatre in Denver. I now have more faith in myself AND a new skillset!"


Carly Taylor

Performing Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter

(High School Student) 


"Robb has helped me develop my skill to a level I could not have ever imagined. I have gone from simple strumming and picking rhythms to understanding music theory and improvising in LESS THAN ONE YEAR! Over the last summer I completed a one week intensive session with Robb. The experience was incredible and consisted of six hours of lessons over the week. I highly recommend Robb and his extremely in-depth and well developed method." 

Alex Duarte

Guitar and Vocals for the band The Weekday Saints and Founder of The Jam Society at CU, Boulder (College Student)


"I was teaching myself online but I wasn’t progressing because I didn’t know the logical next steps and was repeating the same things. With no direction, I started getting bored and couldn’t link all the fragmented things I was learning into a cohesive whole.

After signing up for an 18-hour intensive over three weeks with Robb, I got what I needed. I now see the big picture and how things link together. I’m now more expressive with my playing and feeling very inspired and motivated to keep going."



Graphic Designer

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