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Intermediate Guitar Lessons to Help You

Take Your Music to the Next Level

Strengthen Your Foundation • Learn to Teach Yourself • Play with Confidence




Are You Struggling to Improve on Guitar?

Have you hit a plateau and feel bored?

Do you struggle with barre chords?

Are you tired of playing the same strum or fingerpicking patterns?

Do you find it difficult to pick while skipping strings?

Do you wonder how to use your practice time more effectively?

Do you crave to make music that sounds as good as your favorite recordings?

Simple solutions are available.

You don't have to find them alone.

Intermediate Guitar Lessons in a Variety of Styles

Live Online and in Boulder, Colorado

Guitar Close Up


  • Master the barre chords

  • Develop rock-solid rhythm

  • Learn a wide variety of strum and finger picking patterns

  • Pick scales and cross-pick with precision 

  • Start soloing with feeling

  • Learn the tricks classical guitar players use to fingerpick complex parts

  • Learn to use harmonics

Sheet Music and Guitar


  • Learn to set manageable goals

  • Master accelerated learning and practice techniques 

  • Find and understand the right sheet music

  • Learn a sight-reading method that is simple and enjoyable

  • Play your favorite songs from start to finish

Truck Bed Guitar Session


  • Know you're doing it right

  • Learn the nuances that will make your rhythm and lead playing sing!

  • Play with others and join in on the fun 

  • Enjoy the camaraderie of musicians and music lovers

Are you ready to take a quantum leap in your guitar playing?  Talk to me about a private intensive.


"When I began lessons with Robb I was shy and timid as a musician. I felt overwhelmed, confused and intimidated by the guitar and the countless different approaches to learning it. Since then, my confidence has soared, both as a guitar player and a human being. I can now create my own compositions using the same techniques and strategies as my heroes. Music has become a large part of who I am as a person, and Robb has played a pivotal role in helping me find my musical voice.”

Sam Ewing 

Instrumentalist, Guitar Collector

and Business Marketing Graduate


"I was teaching myself online but I wasn’t progressing because I didn’t know the logical next steps and was repeating the same things. With no direction, I started getting bored and couldn’t link all the fragmented things I was learning into a cohesive whole.

After signing up for an 18-hour intensive over three weeks with Robb, I got what I needed. I now see the big picture and how things link together. I’m now more expressive with my playing and feeling very inspired and motivated to keep going."



Graphic Designer


"I can't count the number of times I've thought, "There HAS to be an easier way to learn this!"  Well, as it turns out, there ARE easier ways and Robb seems to know all of them!  I've practiced under many guitar teachers, went the DIY route, watched Youtube videos, etc, etc...  Robb has intuitive ways of explaining and demonstrating fundamentals, concepts, and techniques that helped improve my guitar playing on all levels."


Chris Bear

Woodworker, Guitar Builder and Family Man

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