Beginner Guitar Lessons to Help You

Play Your Favorite Songs

Learn the Basics • Learn to Teach Yourself • Play with Confidence




Are You Struggling to Learn Guitar?

Are you confused by which approach to take to learning?

Do you find it difficult to pick while skipping strings?

Are you struggling to get your chords to sound clearly?

Are you tired of playing the same strum and picking patterns?

Do you have difficulty changing between chords?

Do you skip between songs without really learning any of them?

Simple solutions are available.

You don't have to find them alone.

Beginner Guitar Lessons in a Variety of Styles


  • Play and change chords cleanly

  • Pick single-note and power-chord riffs correctly for great rhythm

  • Learn a variety of strumming and fingerpicking patterns

  • Play your favorite songs from start to finish with heart and soul


  • Learn to set manageable goals

  • Use accelerated learning and practice techniques 

  • Find and understand the right sheet music

  • Learn a sight-reading method that is simple and enjoyable

  • Teach yourself basic songs


  • Know you're doing it right

  • Memorize complete songs

  • Play with others and join in on the fun 

  • Enjoy the camaraderie of musicians and music lovers

So many beginning guitar methods are dull and waste your time?  Talk to me about how my method is different.

"Robb has helped me develop my skill to a level I could not have ever imagined. I have gone from simple strumming and picking rhythms to understanding music theory and improvising in LESS THAN ONE YEAROver last summer I completed a one week intensive. The experience was incredible and consisted of six hours of lessons over the week. I highly recommend Robb and his extremely in-depth and well developed method." 

Alex Duarte

Guitar and Vocals for the band The Weekday Saints and Founder of The Jam Society at CU, Boulder (College Student)

"When I started, I had little confidence in my singing abilities and little understanding of music. After three years, I ended up writing my own songs, recording an album and playing my music in a battle of the bands at the Gothic Theatre in Denver. I now have more faith in myself AND a new skillset!"


Carly Taylor

Performing , Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist 

(High School Student)

"I’m retired and in my late 60s. I have been taking weekly lessons for a year, and couldn’t be more pleased. I’ve worked on about 40 different folk and soft-rock songs and learned a couple dozen chords. I’m having a fantastic time! Robb has an excellent teaching style (I was a teacher myself, so I can appreciate it).  He is a genuinely nice person who I enjoy working with."


Peter Spear

Retired Dean of Neuroscience at Colorado University at Boulder

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