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Capture the Magic of Your Music

Record and Mix • Compose and Arrange • Publish and Get Paid






Do You Struggle with Recording Your Music?

Are you baffled by how to record your music?

Do you struggle to finish a song?

Are you tired of spending more time learning about recording than playing music?

Do you doubt the value of your musical ideas?

Does the idea of sharing your songs with others terrify you?

Does the idea of recording or publishing your music feel overwhelming?

Simple solutions are available.

You don't have to find them alone.

Home Recording Lessons for All Levels

Live Online and in Boulder, Colorado

Capture the Magic of Your Music for Today and the Days to Come

There's nothing like listening to a recording of your music captured in all its magic. Having a recording that you can listen to again and again, through the years is a gift to yourself and your fans beyond price.

Would you love to:

  • Record your own music at home, or in my studio, in a way that honors you and your artistic process

  • Help your inspired creations fulfill their potential for their own unique beauty and awesomeness

  • Learn a simple way to publish your music so you can easily share it and even receive payment from fans


  • Compose lyrical and instrumental songs

  • Discover a variety of potent song forms 

  • Incorporate tasteful guitar tricks

  • Use your instrument like a voice

  • Use your voice like an instrument

  • Write lyrics that captivate your listener


  • Develop your music and lyrical ideas into complete songs

  • Create new songs from scratch

  • Discover your own style

  • ... Other musicians 


  • Get professional feedback and know the value of your music

  • Overcome "stage fright" and discover your power

  • Enjoy playing your music with others

  • Share your recordings with friends, family and fans

Are you ready to take a quantum leap in your music production?  Talk to me about a Private Intensive.

"When I began lessons with Robb I was shy and timid as a musician. I felt overwhelmed, confused and intimidated by the guitar and the countless different approaches to learning it. Since then, my confidence has soared, both as a guitar player and a human being. I can now create my own compositions using the same techniques and strategies as my heroes. Music has become a large part of who I am as a person, and Robb has played a pivotal role in helping me find my musical voice.”

Sam Ewing 

Instrumentalist, Guitar Collector

and Business Marketing Graduate

"Beyond traditional playing instruction, Robb offered a lot of perspective as a producer, providing advice I found very insightful in terms of how to structure songs, phrases, and how to record and develop interesting compositions. He's also a lot of fun to hang out with."


Jackson Beall

Performing Musician and Web Designer