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The Inner Game of Creativity to Help You

Experience True Artistic Success

Know What Matters Most • Honor Your Process • Increase Your Quality of Life





Do You Struggle with Your Artistic Process?

Are you baffled by how to record your music?

Do you struggle to finish a song?

Are you tired of spending more time learning about recording than playing music?

Do you doubt the value of your musical ideas?

Does the idea of sharing your songs with others terrify you?

Does the idea of recording or publishing your music feel overwhelming?

Simple solutions are available.

You don't have to find them alone.

The Inner Game of Creativity

Live Online and in Boulder, Colorado

What is the Inner Game of Creativity

The Inner Game of Creativity is...

"For those who may actually have a serious calling to be an artist, Robb is an exceptional guide. So much of achievement and substance in life and art comes from understanding and cooperating with the process. One’s fears and limiting beliefs are revealed when they venture to grow and to express from that growth. It takes a special teacher to be able to understand and share what “working on one's dream” looks and feels like.

Robb Boswell is one of those special individuals who has the ability to both help others discover their potential, and to help them learn how to navigate towards that potential for the long haul. He is both a role model parents want for their youth and an exceptional, brilliant, guitarist, musician, and songwriter. He has much to offer students of the art in the areas of technique, performance, composition, ear training, reading, etc., all the varied, infinite tasks that make up the work of music.

Robb is one of the best teachers I have ever met.  His teaching goes beyond being prepared; he is organized, systematic, and pedagogically sensible. He is conscious of each individual and searches for the process that works best for them.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Robb both professionally and personally. I highly recommend him."


Rob Whitesides Woo

Lighthouse Productions

Recording artist, composer, producer and teacher



  • Know Your ONE Thing

Guitar Performer


  • The Mystic's Journey

__Musician holding guitar in hand of sil


  • Enjoy True Artistic Success

Are you ready to take a quantum leap in your artistic personal growth?  Talk to me about a Private Intensive.


"When I began lessons with Robb I was shy and timid as a musician. I felt overwhelmed, confused and intimidated by the guitar and the countless different approaches to learning it. Since then, my confidence has soared, both as a guitar player and a human being. I can now create my own compositions using the same techniques and strategies as my heroes. Music has become a large part of who I am as a person, and Robb has played a pivotal role in helping me find my musical voice.”

Sam Ewing 

Instrumentalist, Guitar Collector

and Business Marketing Graduate


"I had little confidence in my singing abilities and little understanding of music. With Robb's guidance, I ended up writing my own songs, recording an album and playing my music in a battle of the bands at the Gothic Theatre in Denver. I now have more faith in myself AND a new skillset!"


Carly Taylor

Performing Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter

(High School Student)


“Three years ago I had little confidence and knew only cover songs with basic strumming. I’ve now written over thirty songs and am on my way to having two albums recorded with more advanced techniques. It’s given me a confidence I never knew.” 

Jim Stearns 

Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist 

(Retired Attorney and Father)

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