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Lessons to Help You

Make Your Own Music

Improvise and Solo • Write Songs and Sing • Record and Publish

In Boulder and Live Online

For All Levels




Guitar Teacher In Boulder CO

Do You Struggle with Your Music?

Do you feel confused on the guitar?

Do you struggle to write a complete song?

Are you bored of playing the same chords?

Is your soloing missing something?

Do you crave to create music like your heroes?

Does the idea of recording or performing your music feel overwhelming?

Simple solutions are available.

You don't have to find them alone.

Songwriting Guitar Lessons In Boulder CO

"I've gone from simple strumming and picking to understanding music theory and improvising in


Alex Duarte

Guitar and Vocals for

The Weekday Saints

Improvisation Guitar Lessons In Boulder CO

Lessons for All Levels in a Variety of Styles

Adults and Teens

If you use a guitar to make music, you need

Creative Guitar Coaching.

Guitar Lessons

What Makes Creative Guitar Coaching So Different?

Creative Guitar Coaching helps you to go beyond just playing other peoples music. It helps you discover your own  unique creative voice and master the right fundamentals enough so you can create, record, perform and even publish YOUR OWN MUSIC. Using my 30-year proven and perfected guitar, improvisation and songwriting methods, you'll be making your own music sooner than later. While these methods are customized to fit your unique needs, you'll also have access to:
  • My 10 signature instruction manuals and over 150 lesson plans to put you on the fast track
  • My YouTube Channel and in-lesson videoing to support you between lessons
  • Accelerated learning and practice techniques so you can get better, faster
  • Recording and looping equipment to further your creative possibilities
But with all the different approaches for learning to make music these days, how can you know if this is the method for you? The answer is to schedule a free consultation, take your first lesson for half-price and see for yourself.

"Robb is one of the best teachers I have ever met. His teaching goes beyond being prepared... He is conscious of each individual and searches for the process that works best for them."


Rob Whitesides-Woo

Recording artist, composer, producer and teacher

Meet Robb
Robert James Boswell
Robert James Boswell
Robert James Boswell

Since 1989, Master Guitar Teacher and Recording Artist Robert James Boswell has spent over 20,000 hours teaching and mentoring over 1,000 guitar oriented music artists of all ages—from beginners to pros—in a variety of styles. Since graduating the Musician’s Institute in 1989, Robb has also worked as a producer, band coach, session and performing guitarist, singer, band leader, songwriter, composer and recording engineer.


He will help you discover a new confidence in yourself, bring your ideas into form and shape your music into a playground. 

Are you ready to take a quantum leap in your musicianship?  Talk to me about a Private Intensive.

Gavin Caswell

“Studying with Robb is so much more than learning guitar. He guided me through learning musicality, music performance, theory and how to just plain sound good! I take the things I learned from him with me every time I step on stage — even almost two decades later.”


Gavin Caswell

Professional International Recording and Performing Musician;

Lead Guitarist for the band Senses Fail

Carly Taylor

"I had little confidence in my singing abilities and little understanding of music. With Robb's guidance, I ended up writing my own songs, recording an album and playing my music in a battle of the bands at the Gothic Theatre in Denver. I now have more faith in myself AND a new skillset!"


Carly Taylor

Performing Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter

(High School Student)

Jim Stearns

“Three years ago I had little confidence and knew only cover songs with basic strumming. I’ve now written over thirty songs and am on my way to having two albums recorded with more advanced techniques. It’s given me a confidence I never knew.” 

Jim Stearns 

Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist 

(Retired Attorney and Father)

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